A trio of guitars

I’m grouping these together as they all had one thing in common; dissatisfactory finishes. I had a bad batch of Crimson finishing oil and getting them to cure properly was a monumental challenge. Were it not for the boredom of a UK-wide Covid lockdown I wouldn’t have put in the many hours of sanding buffing, polishing and re-oiling that was necessary to make these presentable. The end result are perfectly playable guitars with a few blemishes. Not horrible by any means, but being a perfectionist I couldn’t get them out of my sight (figuratively) quickly enough. They were auctioned to the highest bidder.

The trio comprises guitars styled on the Gibson Les Paul, Gibson SG and PRS solid body. All are solid Mahogany bodies with Maple veneer; the former flame and the others spalted. They have set in Mahogany necks with 22-fret Ebony fretboards, bone nuts and dual-action truss rods.

The electronics are all 500K volume and tone with three-way toggle switches. Pickups are dual humbuckers. The LP and SG both have a fairly standard Gibson-style bridge and tailpiece, and the PRS has a replica of their tremolo which in my opinion is an excellent revision of the Strat design.

Les Paul



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