Born in the mid 90s and raised in the South West of the UK, as a child I developed a keen interest in music with a number of influences. I grew up listening to a vast range of genres from 60s rock n’ roll to mainstream pop, from 70s easy listening to 80s classics, 90s grunge, 0s hiphop and everything in-between. In my ‘teens I discovered a love for classic rock, which remains with me to this day, though I’ll listen to almost anything and my tastes vary widely.

Aged six I picked up my first guitar and a year or so later took a couple of piano lessons, though it wasn’t until aged nine that I began to take playing seriously. An opportunity was presented to take some drum lessons and I completed a two-year course during my final years of primary education before continuing self-taught.

My interest in music led to an interest in the equipment used to play it. From a very young age I began to disassemble surplus electronic devices – mainly hi-fi stereo systems – to discover how they worked. I’d eventually learn to repair, modify and design them from scratch. To this day my downtime is often spent at a workbench bringing a broken piece of equipment back to life.

Naturally an interest in electronics led to an interest in computing and with my first computer in 2003 I learned the ins and outs of software and later hardware. In 2009 a good friend taught me the basics of web authoring and having authored my first website I then moved on to learn advanced application and web programming. Both interests would eventually lead to careers as a software programmer and then as a writer in the technology field.

Having left college I became a software programmer but despite success in the programming field I decided to instead pursue my dream of a music career. These days I am involved in many projects including musical ventures, authoring blogs, mechanical engineering and electronics design. I’m always looking forward to the next opportunity whatever it may be.