Audio Mixing, Mastering & Editing

I offer online mixing, mastering and editing services at reasonable rates, using industry-standard software and high-spec hardware for the best results. Whether it be editing a few minutes of audio or a full-length podcast, mixing down a song or mixing and mastering an EP album, no project is too big or too small. I can accept files or projects in virtually any file format and have several multi-track and single-track software programs at my disposal including Logic Pro X, Sound Forge Pro, Sound Studio, Wave Pad, Gold Wave and Audacity. I also have access to ProTools though will readily admit that it is not my preferred editor.

Equipment-wise I work from my acoustically treated home studio with level-calibrated Yamaha HS8 monitors, a PreSonus monitor station and custom-modified 18×20 audio interface. I also have a range of headphones at my disposal from ATH-M50s to Austrian Audio Hi-X55s, Meze Audio 99 classics, and various AKG and Sennheiser models.

The studio is Mac-based with the aforementioned software and Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol with an S88 controller. Power is supplied by custom power conditioners with high-quality power and audio cabling throughout. This translates to a clean, neutral sound that is perfect for getting the best results.

I can also advise and carry out transfers of cassette or vinyl-based physical media to digital formats including CD or downloadable files. This is a time-consuming process and I ordinarily recommend that only media that is not commercially available be transferred; home recordings, rare one-off records etc. Digitising commercially available albums that have CD releases isn’t viable given the time and costs involved.

If you’d like to enquire about any of the services here, please do Get In Touch and we can discuss further.