I experience dreams exactly as I do real life. I have never known sight. I experience life through my other senses - sound, smell, touch and taste - and my dreams are best described as a kind of subconscious recollection of those experiences.

Can Blind People See in Their Dreams?

I opted to let LinkedIn search my gMail for possible connections and a surprising number of people were uncovered. there was no reason for Google to have an up-to-date record of my contact history. Searching however revealed the list of contacts accumulated over the last 14 years.

gMail Stores your Contacts, and You Probably Didn’t Realise

I’ve never been one for purchasing a brand new phone on release day, but on this freezing autumnal morning I was the first to exit the Exeter Apple retail store, brand new iPhone 8 in hand.

iPhone 8 VS iPhone 6, First Impressions

On the morning of Friday 22 September I will be one of the first to head to the Apple Store to collect the newly released iPhone 8. This is a rarity for me; rarely do I upgrade my smartphone, and I have a particular aversion to queueing so never purchase new devices on release day. My current iPhone 6 has served me well for nearly 3 years besides the screen on my original model cleanly separating itself from the phone in the first month or ownership, necessitating an Apple replacement. But it’s time for an upgrade, not least before the phone, which I purchased outright, devalues to the point of being entirely worthless.

Is The Apple iPhone Upgrade Program Worth It Or A ...

Fantastically loud renditions of some of rock’s greatest records mixed with some of Rock’s sweetest ballads, intermingled with dialogue and wrapped around a great story make for a raucous, emotional and truly unforgettable three hours.

Review: Bat Out Of Hell The Musical at the London ...