We All Start Somewhere

I’ve recently taken it upon myself to give this site a fresh look and (hopefully) some new content. It hadn’t been touched since 2014 besides the occasional and all to infrequent blog update, and it was about time it was put to use. In doing so I came across its downloads section, containing a selection of web scripts and software apps written in my early programming days, around 2009 or so. Most will cease to exist following this rework of the site owing to their countless bugs and poor coding practices. Among them however was this little gem, a simple but (as I’ve discovered this afternoon) extraordinarily addictive game written in Visual Basic.

This was my take on a classic guess the number game, written in (I think) Microsoft Visual Basic 2012. It’s command line with no fancy graphics, with five difficulty levels (1-10, 1-100, 1-1000, 1-10000 and 1-100,000), the latter virtually impossible to beat. I think the game would increase the number of tries available as the difficulty increased, though it looks as though I neglected to keep the code so I can’t tell you for sure and playing the game on a current windows version is unstable at best.

I do remember that I’d attempted to implement some sound effects, but couldn’t at the time figure out how to package a sound file with a VB application. I ended up using the windows default ‘tada.wav’ file, located in C:\Windows\Media. This has prevented me testing the game fully on a stripped-back windows virtual machine as it appears that, when this file is not found, the game simply crashes. It works though (sort of) and (I think) is a reasonable effort for a first VB app. You can download it Here for your own amusement. Should I discover the code I will post it here too, though it’s unlikely. I did happen across a fun little dice game in my searches though which may be posted at a later date. Until then…