Herein are showcased my various projects, from musical ventures to software apps, custom guitars, audio equipment and more.

Other projects and contributions not listed here include:

I'm grouping these together as they all had one thing in common; dissatisfactory finishes.

A trio of guitars

A budget-friendly Strat build with a solid African Ayous body and Eco Rosewood fretboard.

Ayous Strat

An Ash body Telecaster with oak bur veneer, string-through bridge and '60s replica pickups.

Oak Bur Telecaster

a high end turntable featuring some noteworthy and unique materials, intended to push the boundaries of what I am able to engineer with the tools and the means I have at my disposal.

Project Glacier, High-End Turntable

Two talking spirit levels using the Arduino, MPU6050 and the Talkie speech library.

Talking Spirit Level