Herein are showcased my various projects, from musical ventures to software apps, custom guitars, audio equipment and more.

Active Plinths For CHN-50 Speakers

Angle View Of Speakers On Plinths

A pair of active plinths for the CHN-50 bookshelf speakers with inbuilt amplification and streaming

Ayous Strat

Ayous Full Front View With Bar

A budget-friendly Strat build with a solid African Ayous body and Eco Rosewood fretboard.

The Bat Strat

Full Front With Strings

A guitar inspired by the music of Jim Steinman and the ‘Bat Out Of Hell’ musical.

Black Arrowhead Strat Replica

Black Strat Full Front

A Strat replica with arrowhead headstock design and black colour scheme.

Candy Apple Red Telecaster

Telecaster Front View

A classic Tele shape in a classic Candy Apple colour.

Cherry Bass

Full View

A cherry red bass modelled on a classic Fender.

CHN-50 Bookshelf Speakers

Finished Speakers Front:top View

A pair of bookshelf speakers using the MarkAudio CHN-50 full-range driver.

Direct Drive Turntable

DD Turntable With Record

A direct drive turntable with a touch of retro charm.

Electro-Acoustic Tenor Ukulele

Uke Over All Front

My first Ukulele.

Ikea Lack Hi-Fi Rack

Rack Front View

A hi-fi component rack constructed from Ikea Lack coffee tables.

Les Paul Semi-Hollow, Spalted Maple Veneer

Lpsh Finished Front On An Angle

Classic Les Paul body style and semi-hollow sound.

Oak Bur Telecaster

Full Front View Finished

An Ash body Telecaster with oak bur veneer, string-through bridge and ’60s replica pickups.

Project Glacier

Top View With Record On Platter

a high end turntable featuring some noteworthy and unique materials. It was intended to push the boundaries of what I am able to engineer with the tools and the means I have at my disposal.

Project Cherry, LP12 / TD-150 Style Turntable

Cherry Top view with S of S record on

A turntable based on parts from a Thorens TD-150 with classic styling and a beautiful Cherry plinth.

Quilted Maple Strat

Maple Over All View Of Front

An Ash body strat with quilted maple veneer.

SOV (Save Our Venues) Strat

Finished Full Front View

A fundraising project to support the #SaveOurVenues campaign.

SOV (Save Our Venues) Ukulele

Sov Uke Full Front View

A ukulele to raise money for the #SaveOurVenues campaign.

SG Replica, Black & Blue

Finished Front View

A Gibson SG replica with flamed maple veneer and black and blue stain.

Talking Stylus Tracking Force Scale

Talking Scale Case open
A talking scale based on the Arduino Nano and HX711

Talking Spirit Level

Big Level Front View
Two talking spirit levels using the Arduino, MPU6050 and the Talkie speech library.

Thorens TD-150 Turntable, Maple Plinth

Maple 150 Top view with record on
A mostly stock Thorens TD-150 transplanted into a beautiful Maple plinth.

USB Turntable Preamplifier

USB Phono Stage Rear View

A moving magnet turntable preamplifier with USB output.

Zebra Telecaster

Zebra Full Front

An Ash body Telecaster with Zebrawood veneer.

Other Projects & Contributions