Can Blind People See in Their Dreams?

I experience dreams exactly as I do real life. I have never known sight. I experience life through my other senses - sound, smell, touch and taste - and my dreams are best described as a kind of subconscious recollection of those experiences.

Echo Location: Listening to Objects and the Environment

Like you, Blind people use our hearing to communicate with others, enjoy entertainment (music, film, TV etc) and to hear the sounds of the world around us. We however rely on our hearing as a means to stay safe, to navigate our surroundings, and, primarily in combination with our sense of touch, to explore everything that you would using your eyes. For some of us our hearing plays another key role, allowing us to perform echo location. Echo location is a means to use hearing to determine the location and properties of an object in space.

The disability series Introduction

I and others feel that the portrayal of disability doesn’t accurately reflect its true nature. Through a combination of straight-talking honesty, total openness and (hopefully) a large collective of readers, I hope to share what it’s really like to be a disabled person today.