Ultra Durable Guitar Cables

I’ve purchased a huge number of guitar cables over the years. Some have seen a lot of use yet few could truly take the abuse of typical studio or touring work for any significant period. Even those with lifetime warranties ultimately gave up the ghost with loose connections or crackly cable. I’ve also found some to be especially microphonic when running a loud amp, and often they’re not particularly well screened against radio frequency interference which is essential in today’s smartphone-congested world.

I decided to make my own. These leads use an exceptional quality cable to begin with. The cable is then heated and a clear-coat polymer material added to the outer sleeve which drastically increases its strength. The cables are then fitted with high-quality plugs with integral strain relief and extra screening inside the plug to mitigate RFI.

The result is a silent lead with excellent signal transmission over long lengths. It is also extraordinarily durable. Marketing legalities don’t allow me to claim they are unbreakable, but during the prototype testing they have been subjected to all manner of abuse including towing a large vehicle, and still worked perfectly with minimal signs of physical damage.

A balanced microphone cable with carbon screening and the same ultra durable outer sleeving is currently in the prototyping stage and will hopefully be available in the coming months.

The pandemic has currently put a stop to manufacturing, but I do have stock of the cable and can build them by hand to order. Prices depend on the length and quantity required. Please Get In Touch if you’re interested.